3 Reasons to Pick Jamaica as Your Next Vacay

When it comes to picking vacation destinations, each one brings its own benefits to the table. Take this article as your divine sign to consider Jamaica — the land of rum, reggae and stunning tropical scenery — as a top contender of where you should head next. We compiled the top three reasons to look at Jamaica as your next dream vacation.

Photo: Jamaica

The beaches

You might think “the beaches” are a given to any Caribbean vacay, but its hard to overstate how jaw-droppingly gorgeous Jamaica’s coastline is. Each stretch of sandy oasis brings its own twist to the idyllic equation: James Bond Beach is as picturesque as it was in “Dr. No,” Boston Beach is the perfect locale to chow down on jerk chicken after some surf lessons and Bamboo Beach promises a jammin’ good time with three beach bars (all playing reggae, of course). Frenchman’s Cove is simultaneously world-famous as one of the most beautiful places on Earth and yet not as crowded as options closer to the city. For the extrovert or people-watcher, Doctor’s Cave Beach is certain to satiate your desire. And frankly, these are just five of the best beaches — there are dozens for you to discover when you visit.

Photo: Jamaica

The cuisine

Yes, jerk chicken is delicious, but there’s so much more to mouthwatering Jamaican cuisine than its marquee dish. Start your day off with a hearty helping of porridge or johnny-cakes with salt mackerel and mint tea — or perhaps just a cup of famous Blue Mountain coffee and coco bread to go. Lunch might see you sitting seaside, enjoying a plate of conch fritters or a beef patty with a side of roasted breadfruit. Dinner? The possibilities are all the apex of savory: sumptuous oxtail, lively Jamaican curry, traditional ital stew or the national dish — ackee and saltfish.

The adventure

Sure, you could spend your entire vacation lounging peacefully on sun-kissed shores, but you’d be robbing yourself of the chance at an adventure of a lifetime. Dunn's River Falls regularly tops the lists of “must-visit” — how often do you get to climb up a tropical waterfall in your everyday life? — but it’s by no means the whole list. Channel your inner “Cool Runnings” with a bobsled ride through the treetops of the Mystic Mountain, try your hand at ghost hunting at the historic Rose Hall in Montego Bay, embark on a raft ride down the Martha Brae River or sample the island’s fine spirits at the Appleton Estate.

Photo: Adventure in Jamaica

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