Making New Holiday Traditions Onboard with Royal Caribbean International

The holiday season is the prime time for quality bonding with family traditions. Maybe you and your loved ones gather to sing carols, bake cookies, visit Santa, watch the lighting of a massive seasonal tree, build sandmen on the beach, spend the day careening down giant slides and the evening watching holiday movies with the sea breeze in your hair … What’s that, you say? Not your typical list of traditions? Consider this the nudge you need to shake things up and start making some new family traditions. Here’s an introduction on how a Royal Caribbean® cruise could be the perfect family getaway this holiday season.

Photo: Christmas tree decoration

Santa's on Deck

Little ones will certainly be concerned about traveling so close to the big day. What if they don’t have a chance to tell Santa what they’d like? What if Santa can’t deliver their gifts if they’re away? You can tell them not to stress — Santa’s visiting their cruise! The cruise director or captain will be sure to announce when and where Santa can be seen — climbing the rock wall, enjoying the Sky Pad® or surfing the FlowRider® — so you can head there for a quintessential photo opportunity.

Photo: Santa on deck

Seasonal Tree Lighting celebration

On the first day of your cruise, come together in the evening for the Seasonal Tree Lighting! On embarkation day, be sure to gather around 7:30 – 7:45 p.m. as this light show is both a dazzling spectacle and an uplifting reminder of the reasons for the season.

Get Decked Out in Red

On the second night of your cruise (as well as on Christmas Eve), all guests will be encouraged to wear red for an inclusive holiday celebration. Beyond that, the sky is the limit! Maybe the perfect accent to your red cocktail dress is three or four tinsel boas. Maybe you’ve perched a tree-ornament elf on your blazer’s shoulder like a parrot. However you want to get creative with your outfit is up to you; the real fun is in the festivities with your fellow shipmates. Savor red cocktails, canapes and general revelry together — ‘tis the season!

Holiday-Themed Talent Show

Maybe you’re not the extroverted type of family. That’s OK! But if you are (or if you have an itch to try being extroverted on your vacation), you’re in luck: Your cruise is certain to have a holiday-themed talent show! Guest signups will be available right at the start of your cruise, so that way you have some time to practice your song if you’d like. Or not! That’s the beauty of a holiday talent show onboard a luxe cruise — it’s whatever you want to make it.

Photo: Kids's art

Holiday Movies on Deck

Holiday movies are a staple for most; you can’t not watch them in the winter, even if you’re currently spending your days sunbathing on a tropical beach. Royal Caribbean knows this and knows just how to elevate the experience. The whole family can gather poolside or at the AquaTheater to watch classic holiday movies together. Seasonal treats will also be available — think candied apples, eggnog, hot chocolate, mulled wine and warm Christmas puddings with brandy sauce. Cozy treats and a big screen? It doesn’t get much better than this!

Ready to branch out and try a new twist on your holiday traditions? Our travel agents are here to help. Not only do they have more travel expertise than you could ever hope to fit under a tree, but they also have access to exclusive offers and perks. Whether it’s a deep dive into the ancient Mayan history of Cozumel, building a sandman on the beaches of Saint Maarten, splashing in the waterfalls of Montego Bay or enjoying your Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean is certain to deliver a holiday experience you can’t wait to make tradition.

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